We have a new home!

Now located at 26 East Midland Ave – Winder

With the closing of the local RadioShack store in Winder, PeachTech Computers is now combined with Bradley Electronics to offer even better service and support.  We offer full PC repair and maintenance in one location in Winder.  There are other shops around but none with the level of experience we have in PC sales and service.

Eliminate the frustration of using a SLOW PC. Call us at 770-408-0272.

We are About the PC!

We offer a large selection of new and used desktops & notebooks by manufacturers like HP/Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba & Gateway.  We are your local source for wireless routers, switches, network adapters, hard drives, memory, keyboards, mice and all of the cables you might need for your complete computer solution.  All of our systems come with virus and spyware protection already loaded.  Just connect your broadband and you are ready to surf with confidence.

We are about High Speed Internet with Windstream OR Comcast!  We work closely with both providers with replacement equipment and support.

Call PeachTech Computers/Bradley Electronics Repair today.
26 East Midland Ave, Winder 770-408-0272

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