Other repair services charge by the hour and even their flat rates are $199.00 for carry-in service (i.e. GeekSquad). Check their rates at


 Don’t overpay for your computer repair.

Our standard rates:

Level One – Emergency Repair $120.00

If you just can’t wait to get your system fixed and need it fast, then choose our Level One repair. We repair systems on a first come-first served basis unless you choose this option. Then your system is moved to the front of the line for quick service. Turn-around time is same day or no later than 24 hours for Level One.

Level Two – Standard Repair $85.00

Our standard bench fee is $85.00. This not an hourly charge (like most services). If we can fix your system for $85 or less we do it. If the charges result in higher fees, we contact you PRIOR to making the repairs for your authorization. This system allows us to repair your system quickly and efficiently. This level repair would include virus removal, hardware diagnostic or complete system restore and data recovery. Turn-around time is no more than 3 business days for Level Two.

Level Three – Diagnostic Fee $25.00

In many cases you just want to know what is wrong with your system. If you decide not to repair your system with the above options or you just need to know what your issue is, we can quickly diagnose the problem and let you decide about the repair. If you decide to proceed, the diagnostic fee is applied to the total cost.